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The first two books in the series

Secret Agents v Giant Slugs in the Jungle

Pirates v Ancient Egyptians in a Haunted Museum

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    Today at 3pm a Poogoid escaped from the Romasaurian Zoo and is on a gooey, pooey rampage, gobbling up sandals wherever it goes. When asked to comment on the catastrophe, the Mayor of Romasauria replied, “The Poogoid ate my shoe!” All Romasaurians are advised to stay indoors and keep their toilet seats covered until the Poogoid is stopped.


    A Haunted Museum is to be the scene of the next Mega Mash-Up! It’s thought that some Pirates and some Ancient Egyptians will have a bit of a barney and CHAOS and MAYHEM will ensue! There’ll be mummies galore and lots of bottles of rum (not really). Aaarrr, but it’s going to be cracking!